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Community Resilience

Alquimia Global

Alquimia Global has a mission to connect local and international programs and agents of change, to support and create sustainable and equitable transformation spaces and projects around the globe. We are fostering partnerships for innovative programs that address gaps in social justice systems change work. Above all, we support projects that have human rights at their foundation.

Community Resilience
Children's Network of Solano County

We improve the lives of children and families by coordinating and providing services that strengthen and support families. At the Children's Network of Solano County, we don’t focus on just one sector or issue. We help prevent child abuse and neglect, support programs that provide families with access to financial literacy, basic needs assistance and help with employment, lift the voices of underrepresented communities, and advocate for legislation that positively impacts children and families.

Community Resilience
Dixon Family Services

A one-stop-shop of Social Services and Family Case Management.  Services include:  a family resource center, and a child abuse/neglect prevention program.  Programs are co-located on site at DFS; we serve Dixon and the surrounding rural areas, including the Dixon Migrant Center.

Community Resilience
Fairfield Community Services Foundation

Through an innovative public-private partnership with the Fairfield Parks & Recreation Department, FCSF programs are designed to meet the most critical identified needs for seniors and youth living in Fairfield.

Community Resilience
Fighting Back Partnership

At Fighting Back Partnership, we believe that the right investments in people and community reap quality returns that remain long past any of our programs. Our services aim to significantly improve lives and to educate people to help themselves.

Community Resilience
Grace Community Church of Vacaville

Grace Community Church is a house of worship in the heart of Vacaville, CA. Our ministry offers programs of student helps, spiritual and moral growth, feeding the homeless and others.

Community Resilience
Nonprofit Partnership Program (NPP)

NPP is a Solano Community Foundation program designed to strengthen, develop, and serve Solano County nonprofits by enhancing their organization's visibility and providing assistance with development and capacity-building efforts.

Community Resilience
Solano Family & Children's Services

Solano Family & Children's Services is the child care resource & referral agency for Solano County.

Community Resilience
GLS Participant List

All participating nonprofits have demonstrated that they meet (or exceed) the eligibility criteria shown below.

  • A 501 (c) (3) organization in good standing with the IRS
  • A current NPP member with Solano Community Foundation
  • Headquartered in, or providing services to residents of Solano County
  • Has filed at least one annual tax form 990 (or N-990)