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Nonprofit Partnership Program (NPP)

744 Empire St, Suite 240, Fairfield, CA 95433


NPP is a Solano Community Foundation program designed to strengthen, develop, and serve Solano County nonprofits by enhancing their organization's visibility and providing assistance with development and capacity-building efforts.

Mission Statement

Solano Community Foundation is the lead organization for GLS (Give Local Solano), an annual local fundraising effort to support community-based organizations and the communities they serve.

Through capacity-building workshops and grant opportunities, NPP promotes partnerships with and between our local nonprofits, individual donors, the business sector, community leaders, and decision makers.  Current NPP Member List

  1. Strengthen, develop, educate and serve Solano County nonprofit organizations, their Boardmembers, leadership, staff, and volunteers.
  2. Act as convener of forums to gather and disperse relevant information from the diverse voices within our communities.
  3. Improve capacity-building, enhance visibility, and support professional development for the full range of nonprofit organizations providing services to residents of Solano County.


NPP awards competitive grants, up to a maximum of $2,500 each, to NPP members that need financial support to pursue professional education, training, and capacity-building opportunities. We believe that with increased professional development, organizations will have more tools with which to develop capacity and grow their programs and services.

Free workshops and trainings are offered annually to Nonprofit Partnership Program members as a benefit of joining NPP.  The content presented and materials provided are geared toward current "best practices" for nonprofit Boards, Executive Directors, staff, and volunteers.  Topics focus on operations, development and capacity-building, and improving the performance and success of nonprofits in fulfilling their missions.


In 2019 NPP grantmaking efforts increased, awarding thirteen grants totaling $64,000 to nonprofits for general operating support.  These grants are in addition to the eight NPP Professional Development grants totaling $20,500 to support training and capacity building projects.  Sixteen NPP workshops and trainings were conducted in 2019, including a three-part board training series!

In early 2020 SCF hosted Community Listening Sessions to help identify critical needs and gaps in funding for nonprofits serving Solano residents. These sessions were invaluable in that they gave SCF information needed to quickly make COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants to our NPP members to help their communities with basic needs support and direct financial assistance.  As of early November, SCF has made 32 Nonprofit Operating Support Grants totaling almost $325,000.

Funding Goals

Our GLS funding goal is $15,000; monies raised will help fund our 2021 NPP grantmaking efforts. 


Community Resilience

Communities Served

Solano County

Populations Served

Infants & Children
Youth & Adolescents

Organization Information

  • IRS Determination Date: 3/18/1996
  • EIN: 68-0354961
  • Budget: $250,001 to $500,000
  • Board Size: 0 to 5 members
  • Staff Size: 4 to 7