About NPP

About the Nonprofit Partnership Program (NPP)

The NPP Program was launched by the Solano Community Foundation in April of 2009. It is supported in part, by annual membership contributions from partnering organizations and individuals. It is designed to strengthen, develop and serve Solano County nonprofits by enhancing organization visibility and needs, and assist in their capacity-building efforts. NPP is a grantmaking program and promotes partnerships with and between our local nonprofits, and individual donors, service organizations, the business sector, community leaders, and funders.

Solano Community Foundation is the lead organization for Give Local Solano, a collaborative fundraising event held annually (in conjunction with #GivingTuesday) for our NPP members. To learn more about SCF’s mission, funds, or programs, visit our website at www.solanocf.org.

How to Become an NPP Member

NPP membership is open to everyone; nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and neighborhood associations. We strongly encourage local businesses and corporations, government entities, and individual leaders, to join NPP and support the program as our community partners and advisors.

The minimum annual membership fee is $75 per calendar year. Larger amounts donated will help support NPP activities and grantmaking, or used to cover the membership fee for other members.  SCF doesn't send out invoices; rather, current membes will received an email reminder in late December (and again in January) to renew their membership for the coming year.

Follow these easy steps to join NPP:

  • Download and save a copy of the NPP Membership Form
  • Make out your check payable to Solano Community Foundation, or go to the NPP Fund page where you can make your online payment through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account).
  • Send a completed membership form to SCF whether payment is made by check or online to:
    744 Empire Street, Suite 240, Fairfield, CA 94533.

How to Register for an NPP Workshop

Visit the Nonprofit Partnership Program page and read more about the scheduled workshops and trainings offered.

Please note: the NPP workshops for 2022 are not yet scheduled.  Most likely the workshops offered will be conducted as a Zoom call.

Each NPP member may register and reserve two seats at any or all of the NPP workshops offered annually. Larger organizations may wish to obtain more than one membership.

  • To register online, click here to access the current NPP schedule, choose a workshop and complete the registration form.
  • To register by phone, call the Foundation at 707-399-3846.
  • To register by email, send a message to scfadmin@solanocf.org with your contact information, the name of your organization, and the name of the workshop you would like to attend.
  • You may also visit our offices and register in person.

Regardless of the method used to register SCF will send you a “registration confirmation” email. You will also receive a “reminder” email within a week prior to the day of the workshop.

Workshops & Topics

Solano Community Foundation offers free workshops to Nonprofit Partnership Program members as a benefit of joining NPP. The topics selected are of interest to nonprofit organization staff, leaders, and interested community partners.