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Fighting Back Partnership

505 Santa Clara St 3rd Floor, Vallejo, CA 94590


At Fighting Back Partnership, we believe that the right investments in people and community reap quality returns that remain long past any of our programs. Our services aim to significantly improve lives and to educate people to help themselves.

Mission Statement

Fighting Back Partnership is a nonprofit organization "committed to preventing and ending poverty and its effects" in Vallejo and throughout Solano County. 


Family Resource Centers (FRC) Are conveniently located in Vallejo neighborhoods to serve families with children 0-18. Each FRC site has its own unique culture and focus, but each offers comprehensive case management services that have three objectives:

  1. To meet basic needs like rental assistance and access to food.
  2. To increase financial success through sound money management practices.
  3. To support family success through parent education

Youth Partnership (YP) is a dynamic collection of young people who understand that their voices and perspectives matter in building communities that are healthy, safe, and supportive of their unique needs.  This youth-led, adult-guided, school-based program equips high school youth with skills and tools to investigate community issues that matter to them and design projects or campaigns to address those issues. Youth learn about collaboration, communication, leadership, and community problem-solving. These young people are working toward a society that is just, fair, inclusive, tolerant, and reflective of their values.  Participation can also earn community service hours and help to augment their resumes and college applications with meaningful experiences.


Family Resource Centers (FRC)- Has supported four locations, averaging over 550 families annually to improve their financial stability and resiliency, to increase involvement in their children's education and improve parent/child relationships.

Youth Partnership (YP)- Has supported 4 Vallejo High Schools, averaging over 4,000 youth annually to increase community engagement; to improve communication, interpersonal, critical thinking, reflective analysis, and collaboration skills; and to support mentoring/sponsorship to effect change. 

Funding Goals

$25,000-Family Resource Centers

$35,000- Youth Development


Community Resilience

Communities Served

Rio Vista
Solano County

Populations Served

Youth & Adolescents

Organization Information

  • IRS Determination Date: 2/1/1994
  • EIN: 68-0298092
  • Budget: More than $1,000,000
  • Board Size: 11 to 15 members
  • Staff Size: 16 or more