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Benicia Community Action Council

480 Military Street East, Benicia, CA 94590


The Benicia Community Action Council offers a broad range of support services to the residents of Benicia. Our primary areas of focus are housing, homelessness, hunger, and financial stability. Many of our clients are of the aging population as Benicia has one of the largest aging demographics in our county. We have specialized our services to cater to the needs of our community. We have seen our programs change lives. 

Mission Statement

The mission of BCAC is to provide guidance, resources, and referrals to the underserved people of Benicia, CA.
Our goal is to help solve problems and foster self-sufficiency for residents of Benicia looking to overcome poverty. We answer questions about government assistance, health care, and medical benefits. We also provide employment opportunities, among other services.

Our primary areas of service address hunger, homelessness, financial services, and youth services.


Two programs we intend to fund are our Home Delivered Meals program and our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.
Our home delivered meals are prepared with fresh produce. We take pride in the quality and health of our meals. This is a costly program to operate and we have been able to provide a well-balanced meal at the low cost of four dollars. We go through extremes to ensure that the increased cost of this program does not lead to an increase in price for our clients.

Another program we would support with any funding would be our VITA program. While it is expensive, this program benefits our clients immediately and we value this investment too much to no longer support this partnership.


One of our significant accomplishments is we serviced over 4,000 meals a year up from a little more than 1,000 meals a year. This service is specifically for homebound residents of Benicia.
Another accomplishment we are proud of is maintaining our service for homeless patients through our transitional care program. The funding was managed by Solano Coalition for Better Health before they collapsed. Despite that we were able to continue servicing the homeless patients in our county.

Funding Goals

If we could raise $1,000 per program that would help tremendously with overhead costs, staff time, and outreach. We do receive funding for these programs but like most funding the money is specific to the program costs and does not cover unforeseeable expenses, overtime, supplies, etc.


Housing & Homelessness

Communities Served


Populations Served

Infants & Children

Organization Information

  • IRS Determination Date: 10/8/2019
  • EIN: 68-0294153
  • Budget: $250,001 to $500,000
  • Board Size: 11 to 15 members
  • Staff Size: 8 to 11