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The Environment

Benicia Tree Foundation

Benicia Tree Foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit that sponsors tree planting and maintenance projects in Benicia while educating the community on the value of community service, the benefits of trees to the environment and how to grow trees sustainably. Our projects are implemented by volunteers recruited through community outreach and coordination with public agencies and community groups.

The Environment
Joyful Ranch Foundation

Joyful Ranch Foundation is a non-profit California Public Benefit Corporation which is organized to educate and to inspire the general public in the rich history of the William James Pleasants ranch, and to provide a setting for spiritual renewal. During the LNU fire, we lost 4 historic buildings, including the recently restored buggy horse barn. Our hope is to bring back the 'history' via a re-build.

The Environment
Solano Land Trust

Solano Land Trust conserves open space in Solano County for recreation, wildlife habitat, agriculture, and ranching.  The work we do goes beyond conserving land; it’s also about ensuring people’s relationship to the land remains strong. We are committed to building a conservation and stewardship ethic in our community by supporting values based on common ground and engaging the future leaders and land stewards who will come after us to take care of this land.

The Environment
Sustainable Solano

Sustainable Solano is a grassroots, countywide movement uniting people through work that serves Solano County to promote ecologically sustainable, economically and socially just communities in a world that works for everyone. Our decades of dedicated community work started with community gardens and has grown to include an emphasis on creating sustainable, regenerative environments, community capacity building, supporting local food systems and building youth leadership and workforce skills for a better future.

The Environment
GLS Participant List

All participating nonprofits have demonstrated that they meet (or exceed) the eligibility criteria shown below.

  • A 501 (c) (3) organization in good standing with the IRS
  • A current NPP member with Solano Community Foundation
  • Headquartered in, or providing services to residents of Solano County
  • Has filed at least one annual tax form 990 (or N-990)