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WHY is Give Local Solano so important for our community?
The nonprofit sector is the heart and soul of Solano County, enriching our community in immeasurable ways. Solano County includes many incredible organizations that are doing extraordinary things. Give Local Solano is a unique opportunity for the public to learn about their work, how they are contributing to our community and their chance to say thank you by making a donation. Give Local Solano is a 24-hour time-limited donation period designed to expand and increase giving to local nonprofits that provide vital services that help to sustain our community. We encourage you to support your local nonprofits and the causes you are most passionate about, as a year-round activity. Your help will improve the quality of life for Solano County residents now and in the future. 

We are confident that our community will rally every year on the first Tuesday in May, to prove its collective generous spirit!

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