Benicia Tree Foundation

P.O. Box 1877, Benicia, CA 94510


 The Benicia Tree Foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit organization established in 2009 that has worked with property owners on projects to plant and maintain trees within the City of Benicia.

Mission Statement

To strengthen community by promoting and supporting tree planting, maintenance and education.


The Tree Care Day program recruits volunteers to help maintain trees at one of our project sites. Tree Care Days are routinely scheduled on Second Saturdays throughout most of the year. They begin at 9:00 AM and end no later than noon. Donations are needed for tools and supplies.

The Tree Keeper Program provides assistance to property owners who wish to plant trees on their property. The Benicia Tree Foundation makes a site visit to property owner and recommendations are prepared for tree species and location. Donations are used to purchase trees used for these projects.


We recently completed our first Tree Pruning Clinic as part of our Tree Care Day at Joe Henderson Elementary School. 10 volunteers were trained in proper pruning technique on a variety of trees. These volunteers will be able to help prune trees at other project sites. With the tools we purchased for the clinic, we plan to allow residents to check out the tools for their own tree pruning needs.

The Mary Farmar Elementary School became our most recent Benicia Tree Keeper by organizing a project to plant 33 trees on campus. The project began with a school assembly introducing the project to the students and educating them on the benefits of trees. Students in Action, a group of 40 fourth and fifth graders, were recruited to plant the trees following the assembly.

Funding Goals

We need $3,500 per year to maintain the Tree Care Day program.

Funds for the Tree Keeper Program depend on the property owners. The Mary Famar project costs $750.

Communities Served


Populations Served

Infants & Children
Youth & Adolescents

Organization Information

Category: Environment & Sustainability
IRS Determination Date: Mar 15, 2010
EIN: 27-1218587
Budget: Less than $50,000
Board Size: 0 to 5 members
Staff Size: All Volunteer

Meta Data

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