What is GLS?

Give Local Solano is an annual online fundraising campaign driven by the idea that every individual has the ability to contribute to the betterment of his or her community, and that every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference. GLS makes it easy and fun for donors to give locally.

The goal behind #GiveLocalSolano is to build a culture of philanthropy in Solano County and encourage residents to support local nonprofit agencies they are most passionate about.

Collectively, we work together to increase visibility and support of the important work and services nonprofits provide their communities, and raise awareness about the organization's need for funding.  Solano County residents will directly benefit from this event. 

Solano Community Foundation is the lead organization for this ambitious yet rewarding endeavor. By connecting with individuals, nonprofit organizations, businesses, government, community groups and leaders, their donations through GLS will help serve the current and future needs of the people throughout our region.  By bringing diverse groups of individuals and organizations together for a day of giving, participants are helping develop a community-wide solution for unfunded (or underfunded) problems and issues.

Each participating nonprofit’s commitment to the overall GLS publicity effort is paramount for a successful fundraising event.  Partnering organizations are responsible for distributing the GLS campaign information to their Board, staff, donors, and networks.  Successful efforts in creating visibility and community awareness will produce greater donor participation and result in a larger total amount raised. 

"Americans are not generous because we are rich, we are rich because of our generosity to one another. " - Claire Gaudiani, economist and historian

SCF Makes Life Better

The Solano Community Foundation is a qualified public charity established to serve the charitable needs of Solano County residents.  SCF received its 501(c) (3) tax-exempt determination in March of 1996,

SCF provides a straightforward, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving. Our method is simple - build a better community by making philanthropy easy.

Solano Community Foundation is dedicated to building a stronger community and enhancing the quality of life in Solano County through the support of philanthropic activities that make a deep and lasting positive impact.

  • As a grantmaker, we award grants and scholarships to improve the lives of Solano County residents.
  • As a vehicle for philanthropy, we encourage private giving for public good.
  • As a community leader, we inspire, educate, and cultivate a spirit of philanthropy.
  • To respond to changing needs, we promote community involvement and collaboration.

To learn more about SCF’s mission, funds held, or programs offered, visit our website at www.solanocf.org.  Look for us on Facebook as Solano Community Foundation.

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